Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A quick note about me....

About oh, 15 or so years ago, I had a funny conversation.

This cute little blond girl that hung out with us looked at me and said "You know, ever since I met you I have been trying to figure out what you mean when you say things. I just finally realized you actually just mean exactly what you say."

To which I replied "Well, yeah. Doesn't everyone?"


I have some odd personality quirks. One of these is that I do not use 'subtext'. I am at least to some extent aware that many other people do, but mostly I ignore it. This can create odd gaps in conversation as people get upset at something I say, and I am sitting reviewing the words I just used and thinking "huh?". This is often followed by some form of "Yeah, but you implied it".

I don't imply.

Also, I don't get offended. I notice when people are directly rude to me, and I may or may not tolerate it, but it has no emotional impact. If someone says something intelligent or useful to me in a rude way, I will usually just ignore the rude and focus on the useful.

Unfortunately, this can make it hard not to offend others. Me trying not to be offensive is like a color blind person trying not to use an ugly shade of red. But I do try.

The general point of this is that if I ever say something and you look at it and wonder if I am taking a subtle jab at you, the answer is NO. When someone annoys me, I am not subtle at all.


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